Saturday, January 30, 2016

Starting My Fitness Journey... AGAIN

Hey girls, as you all know at the beginning of 2015 I decided to do this whole fitness journey. I even blogged about it once or twice and I actually went trough It and lost the amount of weight I wanted to loose at the time, but I just left it there and of course I gained it all back because I really didn't actually changed my lifestyle. I just worked out a little bit and was on a diet for like two months.

Today I am in my 140s. I know that's not a lot. But im don't feel comfortable in my own skin. My eating habit isn't that good (I ate today 5....5 slices of pizza). Its not healthy at all. I've been trying to work out for almost three weeks now but I've been doing it in such a poorly and lazy way that I wont see results.

As I was procrastinating my sleep (yes! its 1:01 am in Puerto Rico). I stumble across this girls YouTube channel, her name is Maria and she talked about how she is starting her fitness journey as well. So I decided to use her as a fitness journey buddy. I even send her a IM on twitter.... stalking much Mila..... anyways she was kind enough to answer my message. Such a sweetie.

Now I here is me compromising myself with this whole getting fit thing....
  • My goal is to be between 130 and 135 pounds by June. I don't want to go lower I like my curves. Why June? well Im moving out of the country, so its like a new me kind of thing. (more details on me moving on another post)
  • I will be tone my body
  • I will stop drinking sugary drinks, like sodas and juices frappes shakes and such :(
  • Sweets and fried goodies also have to go
  • I will follow a strict workout schedule 4 to 5 days a week. Probably PopPilates and running, for now. Once I get stablished in ******* I will joing a GYM.
  • I will take progress pictures every month and I will post them every  weeks. who knows maybe I decide to become a fitness instructor once I reach my goal.
So Starting TODAY,
January 30th,
my fitness journey will begin.

wish me luck!
     Mila ♥

Subscribe to Maria's YouTube channel and follow her in all her social media.
Youtube: bb.mxo
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